Heythrop College score high student satisfaction ratings


Heythrop College has scored 85% in the annual Student Satisfaction Ratings, placing it comfortably in the top half of the 149 UK institutions ranked.

The ratings show the percentage of students that "definitely" or "mostly" agreed that they were satisfied with course quality. Heythrop’s score ranked it above the University of Edinburgh and Imperial College, London, amongst others.

This year’s survey was mired in controversy as 25 student unions called for a boycott, after it was announced that the scores would be included in the metrics to decide the teaching excellence framework. This could affect access to funding, although the government has since postponed this decision.

The survey is for final-year undergraduates, but if less than 50% of those eligible answer the survey then an institution is ommited from the final results, as was the case this year with Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Sheffield Universities. 65% of Heythrop students answered the survey after the student union decided not to join the boycott.