Inaugural Landings Lecture: London

Christ as the Good Samaritan via Wikimedia Commons
Christ as the Good Samaritan via Wikimedia Commons

Welcoming the Wounded
Becoming the Church of the Good Samaritan

Fr Christopher Jamison, OSB
Monk, Writer and Broadcaster

How can a Catholic parish welcome the spiritually wounded? What does it take to be a place of healing?

To book a place please contact  Scott McCoombe at [email protected] or on (020)-7529-4829

Recommended donation: £7

Landings is a programme aiming to assist those who have fallen away from regular practice of the Catholic faith or are on the cusp of leaving. Since autumn 2014 the Landings base in the UK has been at Farm Street Parish with developing regional hubs around the country.  The programme, successful across parishes in the US, UK and Singapore over 30 years, offers to those who’ve been away a necessarily safe place to land, especially if there’s been a bumpy ride.  A place for being heard, asking questions and reconnecting with your faith.  During the eight-week Landings process, a small group of active Catholics, some of them “returnees” themselves, meets with a small group of returning Catholics to share and explore their faith together.   There’s lots of listening, telling stories, some teaching where needed, prayer and sharing. 

The establishment of an annual Landings Lecture at Farm Street aims to attract those who are interested in why people turn away from faith and what helps people to return.  As such the Landings project is not just about returners but about encouraging Catholics to become actively engaged in reaching out to those disillusioned by the Church.

For more information on how to engage with Landings please visit the website:  or contact Helen Carvalhido-Gilbert
or Fr Dominic Robinson SJ

You can also engage with Landings by praying the Landings Prayer for the success of Landings:

Lord, let me welcome all my sisters and brothers with the arms of Christ.
May I listen to their stories with the openness of Christ. 
And may I embrace them with the love of Christ. 
Through my hospitality, may they once more call our church their home. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 19:00
Farm Street Church Hall
114 Mount St
United Kingdom