‘Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican’

As our Jesuit pope is mid-way through his third year in office, National Geographic Magazine’s photographer Dave Yoder and writer Robert Draper have produced a challenging article which asks, ‘Will the pope change the Vatican - or will the Vatican change the pope?

In typical NGM style this is a powerful photo story which previews the pope’s first visit to the USA from 22-27 September and looks at his emphasis on serving the poor over enforcing doctrine which has inspired both joy and anxiety in Roman Catholics.

The article points out examples of the pope’s ‘re-imagined and accessible simplicity’ and his ‘affinity with the street, fused the Jesuit belief in vigorous engagement with the community which involves both seeking out and listening’.

The two have collaborated on an imminent National Geographic book, “Pope Francis and the New Vatican”. To read some of the pope’s most revealing quotes visit www.nmg.com/more