“My Green Blazer” stories of St Aloysius College families

It's More than a School, It's a Way of Life

The Green Blazer worn as the key part of their uniform by all students at Scotland’s only Jesuit school, St Aloysius College, Glasgow - boys and girls, juniors and seniors - is an instantly recognizable sight around the city. Each and every one in the Aloysian community has his or her own “Green Blazer Story”.

The photograph of 8 year old Jack Hamilton shows how happy he is to be wearing the Green Blazer. His mother declares, “the most important thing is that Jack is happy at school; if he’s happy, we’re happy!” 

Jack in his Green Blazer

Whether pupil, parent, staff member or an Old Aloysian, the new, photography-led college web site invites contributions of personal stories about what readers love about St Aloysius, why they chose the College for their son or daughter, why they love to teach there or what are their greatest memories of their time wearing the distinguished Green Blazer. 

This fresh new web site design and invitation aims to bring the Aloysian community to life by revealing stories of what wearing the Green Blazer, and hence being an ostensible part of the larger “St Aloysius family”, means to individuals on the new college web site and on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Headmaster, John Browne writes of the new site for existing and prospective parents, “I hope our new web site gives you a sense of our aspirations for your children and welcomes you into a community that exists, not only in Garnethill, but in the wider world”.
Green Blazer stories are invited to be sent by email to mygreenblazer@staloysius.org or using Twitter to #MyGreenBlazer.

For more information about St Aloysius College's #MyGreenBlazer Campaign, visit www.staloysius.org/green-blazer