Appeal for memorial to St John Ogilvie launches

Appeal for memorial to St John Ogilvie launches
Appeal for memorial to St John Ogilvie will launch at Glasgow Cross

An appeal to erect a permanent memorial to St John Ogilvie at Glasgow Cross will be officially launched at 3pm on Sunday 23rd July at the Cathedral Cloisters, Clyde St.Glasgow.

This development comes after plans were kick-started by an online campaign.

Sancta Familia Media – a parish group that produces faith-based videos from the Motherwell Diocese raised the lack of a memorial at the site.

Tim Curtis SJ, the St Aloysius parish priest who will be leaving in September to join Stonyhurst said: "We are launching the appeal to raise some money to put a statue in Glasgow. That’s this Sunday.”

In 2015, during the 400th anniversary of the martyrdom of St John Ogilvie, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia said: "John Ogilvie was a Scot from Banffshire. He was a Jesuit priest. He died here in our city. He is an honorary Glaswegian. He belongs to Glasgow. And above all, his blood was shed for Christ here in Glasgow … We know he was executed at Glasgow Cross. We have the national shrine at St Aloysius' … and we have the renowned painting of our martyr which is displayed in this Cathedral. These tangible things help us to claim St John Ogilvie as our saint, to love him and to keep his memory alive."

Labour and SNP councillors also pledged their support to the campaign earlier this year.

Jesuit priest and martyr, St John was born in Scotland in 1580. His parents sent him to France for his education and at the age of 16, he converted to Catholicism.

Due to the penal laws in Scotland at the time, he had to hide that he was a Catholic. He was arrested and tortured for several days before being taken to Edinburgh where he was charged with treason. During his trial, he refused to give up Catholicism and declared his loyalty to the king in addition to rejecting offers of freedom and wealth in exchange for his faith.

St John Ogilvie was executed through hanging at Glasgow Cross in 1615 and is Scotland’s only Catholic martyr.

Stephen Gallaghan and AGAP will be performing the trial scene from his play. All are welcome.