As a way to mark the Bicenterary of the modern Jesuits, the British Province commissioned a series of 12 portraits of Jesuits who have been active since the time of the Restoration in 1814, with the intention of producing a 2014 Calendar. The Commission was given to a young artist named Ellen Riley, a past pupil of Stonyhurst College in England, who studied art in Paris and returned to Stonyhurst as ‘Artist in Residence’. With her husband, Cédric Charleuf, who is also an artist, she began work on the commission but, very sadly, just as Ellen had crystallised the idea of the 12 portraits and had begun the first portrait – that of Pedro Arrupe (February) – she became very ill with the recurrence of a cancer and died aged only 24. Her husband Cédric decided to complete the commission, immersing himself in her style and texture. This calendar is dedicated to her.