BBC interviews Farm Street about impact of congestion charge

A recent survey found that London is not only the most religious city in the UK, but religious Londoners are twice as likely as people in other parts of the country to attend a service twice a month or more.


However, the new £15 congestion charge, to include weekends, has been a blow for central London’s places of worship, with many unable to afford the hike.


Ruby Almeida, a parishioner at Farm Street Church and regional co-ordinator of the London branch of Landings, has been interviewed for the Sunday Programme on Radio 4 on the impact the congestion charge will have on the parish. 


Ruby said: “Can I afford to pay £15 for eight consecutive weeks? That’s asking a lot of someone like me, as it does of many of the team members as well as participants who come because people who participate in the programme are not just coming from Westminster, they’re coming from much much further afield. Some of them are low-wage, some of them are unemployed.”


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