Godtalk: Astuteness


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Jesus tells an unusual parable.  Luke 16.1-13    It appears to support dishonesty.  A steward who manages his master’s estates is accused of wasting his employer’s goods; he is dismissed, but before he goes he must submit his final account.    

This gives the steward time to plan his future. He is about to join the ranks of the unemployed and he wonders how he will survive.

He can’t face the thought of a labourer’s job or begging on the streets. Instead, he calls in all those who owe his master and deals with them one by one.

He’s a smart operator. He gives them an offer they can’t refuse by reducing their debts.  By the time he’s finished his inventive arithmetic, a number of merchants owe him!   Now, his job prospects look healthy; his future is looking good.  The steward takes immediate action to ensure his own future.

And Jesus praises him  -  for his astuteness   If a dishonest man can use his employer’s money to ensure there will be people to welcome him when he’s finished,   how much more should honest people use their talents in such a way that they will be welcomed into the kingdom of God?

Jesus shows us the way.  He is the Way, the Truth, and Life in its fullness. Throughout the Gospels Jesus voices God’s loving concern for people by reminders of social justice and personal responsibility.   

Our care and concern for each other,  always ready to help,  shows our worthiness of the kingdom. It’s all tied together. Matt 25.31-46                

Peter Knott SJ