Book launch: Stories and Portraits by Peter Edmonds SJ

Peter Edmonds SJ Stories and Portraits

Why do we have more than one Gospel? Wouldn’t it have been better just to have a single ‘authorised life’ of Jesus of Nazareth, offering all the facts and only the facts?

In recent decades, biblical scholars have become more aware of the value of having multiple accounts. Each evangelist approaches Jesus from a different direction, bringing both his own questions, and those of the community to which he belongs. In reading his Gospel, we, too, are invited to bring our own questions and presuppositions to bear on the text. We make friends of each of the evangelists.

Peter Edmonds SJ has taught scripture for many years, in Europe and in Africa. In this accessible work, he considers the three ‘synoptic’ Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. His aim is to describe the distinctive voice of each evangelist, to encourage a deeper appreciation of the stories that they tell and the portraits that they fashion. The book will be an invaluable resource for teachers, preachers, catechists, retreat givers and retreatants, and for all who want to come to know the Jesus of the Gospels better.

This book is a “twin” with the Way Companion to the Sunday Missal by the same author.

Stories and Portraits: The Way Companion to the Synoptic Gospels, by Peter Edmonds SJ is published by Way Books, and is available to order for £12.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 18:30
Farm Street Church Hall
114 Mount Street
United Kingdom