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Jerome Nadal, S.J., 1507-1580: Tracking the First Generation of Jesuits, William V Bangert SJ, Loyola University Press, 1992

Hardback, 401 pages, £10

Jerome Nadal's influence on the development and growth of the early Society of Jesus is second only to that of its founder, Ignatius Loyola. As Loyola's vicar, Nadal visited Jesuit houses throughout Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, and the Low Countries. At each community, he explained the ways of the Society of Jesus, shared his understanding of Ignatius and his teachings, and promulgated the Society's Constitutions. Using the volumes of letters and writings published by the Jesuit Historical Institute in Rome, and monographs in other languages, Bangert gives a vivid portrait of an important and controversial figure.


The Succession, Bye and Main Plots of 1601-1603, Francis Edwards SJ, Four Courts Press, 2006

Hardback, 327 pages, £40

The events of 1601-1603 (and the gunpowder plot of 1605) ensured that England remained protestant and consciously anti-catholic, in a state that was determinedly in favour of the civil control of church matters.
Like his volume on earlier plots in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Plots and plotters in the reign of Elizabeth I (Dublin, 2002), Edwards’ new study draws heavily on archival records, immersing his reader in a world of espionage, interrogation and intrigue.


Book cover of The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, white with blue sketch drawing of a group of men

The Enigma of Gunpowder Plot, 1605: The Third Solution, Francis Edwards SJ, Four Courts Press, 2008

Hardback, 510 pages, £45 ~Only 2 remaining~

‘According to the orthodox, old-fashioned view Salisbury discovered the conspiracy, a second judgement is that he nourished and a third that he invented it’. (Archbishop Mathew)
The third solution of this strangest and most enigmatic of events-or non-events- in British history is outlined here. Edwards has tried to make his approach non-confrontational and non-polemical, so that, even if readers remain unconvinced by the array of evidence and its interpretation, they will recognize that this third solution is neither extreme nor absurd as it is usually represented.

Book cover of Promising Hope, red with small watercolour showing Stonyhurst College


Promising Hope: Essays on the Suppression and Restoration of the English Province of the Society of Jesus, edited by Thomas M McCoog SJ, Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu, 2003

Paperback, 479 pages, £10

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the re-establishment of the English Province it was decide to construct a volume around Geoffrey Holt SJ’s articles on different aspects of the province during the Suppression and Restoration of the Society of Jesus, and on the Roman life of one English Jesuit, John Thorpe. To this was added an article on Paccanarists by Hubert Chadwick SJ and articles on the effect of migration on the curriculum by Maurice Whitehead and the troubled presence of Irish Jesuits within the restored province by Thomas Morrissey SJ.


Book cover of The Reckoned Expense, blue with small portrait of Edmund Campion

The Reckoned Expense: Edmund Campion and the Early English Jesuits, Second edition, edited by Thomas M McCoog SJ, Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu, 2007

Paperback, 495 pages, £15

This volume forms the first modern study of Edmund Campion, the Jesuit priest executed at Tyburn in 1581, and through him focuses on a theme that has been attracting growing interest among sixteenth-century historians: the passage from a Catholic to an Anglican England, and the resistance to this move. The essays collected here investigate the historical context of Campion's mission; different aspects of his writing and work; the network of colleagues with whom he was in contact; his relationship with contemporaries such as Sir Philip Sidney; the effect of his English mission; and the legacy he left.

Book cover of The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1589-1597: Building the Faith of Saint Peter upon the King of Spain’s Monarchy, red with small print of a group of clergy meeting with two royality


The Society of Jesus in Ireland, Scotland, and England, 1589-1597: Building the Faith of Saint Peter upon the King of Spain’s Monarchy, Thomas M McCoog SJ, Ashgate, 2012

Hardback, 467 pages, £60

Through an exhaustive study of the many facets of the Jesuit mission to England between 1589 and 1597, this book provides a fascinating insight not only into Catholic efforts to bring England back into the Roman Church, but also the simmering tensions, and disagreements on how this should be achieved, as well as debates concerning the very nature and structure of English Catholicism.

Book cover of “And touching our society”: Fashioning Jesuit Identity in Elizabethan England, cream with pencil drawing of Robert Persons


“And touching our society”: Fashioning Jesuit Identity in Elizabethan England, Thomas M McCoog, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, 2013

Hardback, 476 pages, £50 ~Only 2 remaining~

"For students and scholars of Reformation, Jesuit, and Elizabethan history, Thomas M. McCoog's collection of essays encompasses a wide range of individual snapshots that collectively present a rich and nuanced panorama of the daring and often dangerous Jesuit mission in the politically and religiously charged environment of Elizabethan England..." -Robert E. Scully, SJ, Le Moyne College