Caring for Our Common Home: Integrating theology, ecology and ethics

Rhinoceros looks at bird

Rev Dr Martin Poulsom SDB

Twenty first century developed economies too often view the natural world, God’s Creation, as neutral “stuff” which they are entitled to control for their own profit: cutting down rainforest, burning fossil fuels, endangering animal species, and denying human dignity. This mindset ignores the deep structure of nature: God’s presence in and love of Creation.

The Jesuits in Britain propose a different way of relating to this God-given world, treating it with reverence, gratitude and respect.

We believe that following Jesus today means striving for a just world, honoring God’s creation and the dignity of God’s people, and seeking a life of love and authenticity.

We use the phrase ‘integral ecology’ to describe this unity of purpose which opposes economic injustice and growing inequality, the despoiling of the earth and exploitation of people, and searches for a better way of living.

Martin Poulsom SDBMartin lectures in systematic theology, creation and theological anthropology, and on the science/religion debate at Roehampton University.  He was formerly the Head of Theology at Heythrop College. 

Martin Poulsom will be teaching modules of Roehampton University’s new MA in Theology Ecology and Ethics, co-created with the Jesuits in Britain, to be delivered at the Mount Street Jesuit Centre from September 2019.  More information is available on the Roehampton University website.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 18:45
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