Chaplaincy: "power source" and "home from home"

Students at the chaplaincy
Students at the chaplaincy

Three students about to graduate from Manchester Universities reflect on their time in the city and on the influence the Manchester Universities’ Catholic Chaplaincy (MUSCC) has had on their university experience.

MUSCC aims to provide a warm and safe environment in which students feel secure, and are enabled to grow in appreciation and understanding of the Catholic Christian tradition.
Robbie, a law student who plans to go back to his home in Germany to complete a master’s degree in computer science said:

“The Chaplaincy has been a power source throughout my student life. Here, my spirit is rejuvenated daily, propelling me through hours of study and many exams.  The library is the best on campus; it helped me turbo-charge my revision. My coffee breaks are spent chatting to the many friends I have made here. Most importantly, God is at work here, helping us to integrate our Faith and university life.”

The Chaplaincy offers students a wide range of opportunities to boost their knowledge, spirituality, self-esteem and work experience.

Katherine, a Pharmacology student who will be staying on in Manchester after graduation to work, added:

Katherine at the end of year barbecue“I cannot imagine what my university experience would have been like without the Chaplaincy!  There have been so many wonderful opportunities to get involved in, such as Morning Prayer (a great start to the day… and free breakfast!), gardening, Nightfever and the many social events such as BBQs and Sunday meals.   I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with our SVP group in various projects around Manchester.  I am eternally grateful for the wonderful guidance and support from the staff and community here at the Chaplaincy.  It will always remain a very special place to me!”

Natalia, a politics and German student, said that using the library as a study space for revision was an instrumental tool in helping her reach her goals. She said:

“The library as a study space has been invaluable.  Honestly, thank you so much for that, I wouldn’t have survived my exam periods without this place. But not only that: The Chaplaincy has been my ‘home away from home’ for 3 years.  It is here where I found friends and loved spending my free time. This place helped me grow – as a person and in my Faith. Thank you for all that!”

MUSCC is a hub for students to gather together, learn, pray, participate in a range of social activities and volunteer.  It also welcomes students who seek sacred spaces, free food, WiFi and friendship. 

As students now depart from Manchester at the end of term, the Holy Name Church will be closed for urgent asbestos removal works, and maintenance to its electrical systems from 12 June until 11 August.  The chaplaincy will also be closed

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