Churches and luxury hotels join forces to help feed the homeless

Lockdown is saving lives but the tight restrictions have meant that hundreds of homeless people in central London have been stranded without help. With most centres now closed, many homeless have turned to churches for support, including Farm Street Church in Mayfair.

Fr Dominic Robinson SJ, parish priest at Farm Street, gave an interview to the Independent Catholic News about what is being done to help. He said:

“So many people are coming together to work hard in conjunction with the council, the police, Caritas and homeless agencies to try to solve the issue. The aim is very simple: to feed and accommodate what seems to be a growing number of desperate rough sleepers who are at great risk, roaming the streets of London in a time of pandemic. Thanks to the incredible courage and generosity of St Patrick’s, many volunteers and of the Mayfair hotels Claridges and the Connaught, they are at least being fed and cared for. But much still needs to be done.”

Under the direction of Executive Head Chef, Anshu Anghotra, the hotels are producing 600 hot meals per day for the homeless. The photo that accompanies this story shows Anshu (left) with some of the Connaught kitchen staff, and Fr Dominic Robinson SJ. 

You can read the full article in the Independent Catholic News here.