Diary (42/2/5/3)

Blue notebook with handwritten title Diary and water stains

Fr Richard Garrold SJ served as military chaplain 1916-19 and kept a diary throughout the war years. This diary covers the time period October-December 1918 and his time in Mesopotamia, where he contracted malaria. An extract reads:

Friday Oct 18th + No MassOpen diary showing two pages of handwriting and in bottom corner of right page a small sketch of a horse and a tent

Started abt 7.30 very dusty hot trek but fortunately short and we got into camp on the outskirts of Tekrit abt 11. A beastly camping ground, covered with prickly scrub wh. had to be cleared, a great contrast to our camp last night. Very hot in aft. Got a second tent pitched to be used as a church. No news as to what we are going to do, but evidently a halt here for a few day…

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