Gerard W. Hughes SJ

Gifts in memory of the life and work of Gerry W. Hughes


The Jesuits in Britain rely on the generous gifts of those whose lives we touch.  Your gift in memory of Fr Gerry will help young people and the unwaged to make retreats and receive spiritual guidance. 

Take, Lord, unto Thyself,
My sense of self;
And let it vanish utterly:
Take, Lord, my life.
Live thou thy life through me:
I live no longer Lord.
But in me now
Thou livest:
Aye, between Thee and me, my God,
There is no longer room for
‘I’ and ‘mine’.

Tukaram – Indian Peasant Mystic, 1608-49, from The Oxford Book of Prayers

All donors will receive a copy of a prayer card for Fr Gerry which includes his favourite prayer (above).

If you would like to leave a gift in memory of Fr Gerry, please enter an amount and click the 'Buy' button.  If you would like to set up a regular gift please download and complete this PDF form and return by post.  gwh_dd_donation_form.pdf

Thank you and God bless you.