Embracing Argentine Tango at Farm Street

Intensive Tango Beginners Course

Following the success of 'Tango Shelter' at Farm Street Church in December, Warren Edwardes will be offering beginners' classes in Argentine Tango in the main hall at 114 Mount Street, Mayfair.

There will be a package of three 3-hour sessions on Saturday 22 & 29 of Feb, and Saturday 7 March at 17.30 - 20.30 and costing £75. Sign-up for the intensive Embracing Argentine Tango course here [no drop in] - http://buytickets.at/mayfairmilonga

Numbers: No partner required and we will match men and women numbers.

Tango Shelter 2019 was a wonderful evening of Argentine Tango social dancing held in honour of Argentine Pope Francis’s birthday. The night helped raise funds for the work Farm Street Church carries out for the homeless.

Social tango at Tango Shelter 2019 can be seen in these YouTube videos which give a good idea of the style of Argentine Tango to be learnt: https://bit.ly/2ugvKdd

Those who are curious might want to attend as spectators for £5 (which includes sparkling wine, tea, biscuits etc) at the next social tango event on Saturday 15th February.

Tickets: http://buytickets.at/mayfairmilonga

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/109825227119058/

Web: http://tango.edwardes.org

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