Enfield pupils' achievements

Four pupils of St Ignatius College in Enfield, have been presented with the Headmaster Certificate, after reaching 100 Achievement Points. Pupils at the school in North London are rewarded for attainment and effort in classwork and homework, for meeting or exceeding their target grade, as well as for high levels of school attendance and punctuality, a commitment to extra-curricular activities and by demonstrating that they are ‘Men or Women for Others’.

Three Year 10 pupils – Travane Allison O’Guru, Stefano Gjerovini and Alin Maties – and Enrico Alfonso of Year 7 were all presented with the Headmaster’s Certificate by Executive Head Teacher Michael Kelly. He said he was “incredibly proud” of the boys who were the first pupils to reach the milestone of 100 Achievement Points in this academic year.Headmaster Certificate

Pupil Achievement Points are logged onto St Ignatius College’s database by staff.  They are constantly monitored and certificates, lapel pins, privileges, reward trips and prizes are awarded at regular intervals. 

The phrase ‘Men and Women for Others’ was used by former Jesuit General Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ when addressing the Jesuit Alumni of Europe in Spain in 1973. It has since used to describe one of the core objectives of Jesuit education.

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