An affront to Gospel-values of compassion and dignity

Listen to the online conversation at 6pm today
Listen to the online conversation at 6pm today

A global online conversation is due to take place later today to study President Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugees. The event is being hosted by the Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) and will involve experts from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States and Jesuit Refugee Service USA.

"The executive orders on immigration and refugee acceptance policies announced by the Trump administration last week are an affront to the Gospel-values of compassion and dignity that are at the core of the Ignatian Solidarity Network's mission,” a statement from the ISN says. “The United States has a legacy, as a nation of immigrants, to be a land where people can come seeking safety, freedom, and opportunity.”

The statement from the ISN then goes on to quote Pope Francis who challenged us recently to consider how we can create an inclusive global community when he said: “God wants us all to see one another as brothers and sisters and to live as such, forming a great human family that is harmonious in its diversity.”

Today’s conversation - at 6pm GMT - will be broadcast via Facebook Live and will be followed by the setting up of a special advocacy campaign in which individuals and communities can get involved.

The ISN say that the event is taking place in the spirit of Pope Francis’ challenge. “We join Catholic and Jesuit partners in denouncing these executive orders and call on the Trump Administration and Congress to not only work for the remediation of these efforts but to seek long-term policy changes that recognize the inherent dignity and value the contributions of immigrants and refugees.”

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