Introduction to the Examen
Introduction to the Examen

The EXAMEN is a way to look back over your day to say thank you for the things which have gone well and sorry for the things which have not. By doing it each day, you will become more aware of what God is doing in your life. People who use this prayer often find that their lives just get better.
First start by finding stillness. Allow yourself to relax and just do the minimum it takes to be here. Shut your eyes if it helps. Gently listen to all the sounds around you. Try to capture each one.
Now, what was the best thing which happened today? It might be something small, it might be something big. Remember that moment in your day, see it again, touch it, hear it, smell it or taste it all over again… and whatever that moment was, just thank God for it.
Let that feeling of thankfulness spread to the whole of your day. Ask for a gentle light so you can see what God has been doing in your life.
Now replay everything that happened today in your mind, just as though you are watching a movie. Start from the moment you woke up… what you did with your day… how you spent your free time… the people you were with… what amazed you or what disappointed you…
Where you feel thankful, give thanks to God who gave you that moment…
Where you did not live up to everything you could be, say sorry to God…
Now you have replayed the day in your mind, let those feelings of gratitude and sorrow sink deeper. Speak to God about your day, in the same way you speak to one of your friends.
And finally, what is the one thing which you need to ask from God to strengthen you for tomorrow? Ask him for it now.