Exploring Laudato Si'

Join in for this day offered for Young Adult's at the Laudato Si’ Community in Clapham. Exploring Laudato Si' is presented by Theodora Hawksley CJ, who writes:

"I’m a theologian specialising in Catholic social teaching and peacebuilding. In my research and writing, I’m interested in the ways religious groups are involved in peacebuilding efforts worldwide, and the unique strengths, from spirituality to international networks, that they bring to the task of peacebuilding. I’m also interested in strategic peacebuilding, which means drawing together multiple different political actors, NGOs and religious groups etc., in order to make effective interventions in complex and long-running conflicts. And I’m interested in how all this practical stuff ‘talks back’ to Catholic social teaching on peace, challenging it and pushing it to develop further.

"I'm assuming that (unlike me...) most people don’t read loads of Catholic social teaching encyclicals. So: on Saturday, I want to do some work situating Laudato Si within the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and its key themes – looking at where there's continuity, and also where there are new themes and emphases emerging. I’d also like to look at how some strategic peacebuilding-style thinking can help us as Catholics to engage with other campaigns and civil society groups around issues of ecological justice. There will be plenty of time for discussion and reflection!"

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Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 11:00 to 17:00
Laudato Si’ Community
4 Windmill Drive
SW4 9DE.
United Kingdom