Fr Dominic Robinson SJ sheds light on mission to keep homeless off the streets

Dominic Robinson
Dominic Robinson

Catholic groups have lobbied the Government in a bid to ensure that around 5,400 homeless people who have been housed in emergency pandemic accommodation for three months do not return to rough sleeping.

The groups are calling for adequate resources made available to keep them off the streets post-pandemic. Also, they are urging the Government to revise its exclusion of vulnerable groups, to help for example the many migrants who have no recourse to public funds.

“We are working with local authorities and businesses to ensure shelter, food and pastoral care to those who will have to leave hotels in early July,” said Fr Dominic Robinson, chair of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission. He said that some with health and addiction issues have been in better health in accommodation and still need support. And there are “new homeless” whom he says are, “people who have lost jobs and homes during the pandemic – and they are pouring onto the streets in growing numbers – who need to be looked after”.

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