Who are we? The camino walkers


An image of the mountains in Spain

I used to have an aunt who wasn't an aunt but a family friend. The only problem with Proxy-Aunt was that no-one could remember whose friend she was or indeed which branch of the family she had previously befriended. So in mind of this cautionary tale let me introduce you to our cast of characters - those mad creatures who will be walking, walking, walking over Northern Spain to raise money for upwards of twenty million Syrian refugees. Firstly there is our mentor, the woman who put the whole expedition together Dr Andrea Kelly. Andrea is an academic and used to run (in her copious spare time) the London Jesuit Volunteers - rather like the French Foreign Legion but with less snails. Andrea is the most experienced walker among us, having walked around Greece, Spain and John Lewis with scarcely a blister to her name. Then there is Professor Sandra McNally - another academic and the youngest of our group, this time a statistician (and yes that spelling did take me two goes) who runs the St Vincent de Paul Society at Farm Street. Sandra is very much a team-player even though she has already refused to physically carry any other member of the team. Penultimate position is reserved for Fr Dominic Robinson SJour priest who will be ready to read the last rites over our poor, wretched feet and to keep us prayerful (unless the wild dogs get him first). Lastly there's me, Tony Gardner another, yes you get the picture, academic, this time a drama and creative-writing lecturer and, while there's breath in my body I will be your host on this journey. Please let me reiterate - we are doing this deranged thing to raise money for Syria - for the millions of people who find themselves the victims of the current conflicts in that beautiful country, people who have lost their homes, their families and have almost lost hope. Your donations through the Jesuit websites - details below, will help to let that hope bloom again in the desert. Please, please be as generous as you can possibly be, and lastly, thank you.

Tony Gardner


You can follow the camino walkers' journey on their camino blog