Stonyhurst's pride at Marine's commendation

A former pupil of Stonyhurst College is preparing to take up a posting in Somerset after completing the Royal Marine Commando Course at the Royal Marine Commando training centre (CTCRM Lympstone) in Devon.

Since leaving the Jesuit college in Lancashire in 2007 where he was a member of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Dario Mastrobuoni has been training in Lympstone near Exeter. After completing a rigorous military course, he received a special commendation from the Commandant CTC on his personal performance – the equivalent, in any other troup, of the Kings Badge, the most senior award for an enlisted marine.

Leadership and life skills

Stonyhurst’s connection to the Combined Cadet Force stretches back more than a century. Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, it is a youth organisation that helps develop a number of leadership and life enhancing skills. Stonyhurst’s seven platoons are each named after a former pupil of the college who was awarded the Victoria Cross. Training includes drill (marching and manoeuvres), learning how to assemble, clean and shoot weapons, and many useful life skills including team work, leadership, tactical planning and discipline.

On behalf of Stonyhurst’s CCF, Lt Col Andrew Barber said: “We are all very proud of Dario’s achievements and wish him all the best with his new posting at 40 Commando based near Taunton.”