Who we aspire to be

In the light of our way of life and the missions entrusted to us we aspire to be men who:

  • Have a deep relationship with Christ
  • Have a capacity for friendship
  • Are flexible enough to work in different situations
  • See the hand of God in the day to day events of their lives
  • Are generous and enthusiastic
  • Work well with others
  • Can take initiatives for themselves
  • Are cheerful and hopeful in disposition
  • Are open to people of other faiths and to all people of good will
  • Desire to be of service to the most needy
  • Have a love of the Church
  • Are free from over attachment to possessions, family, status etc.
  • Are able, with God’s grace, to live the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience fruitfully
  • Are humble enough to recognise there is always much to learn
  • Willing to persevere through hard times as well as the good

Might these qualities be ones that you feel drawn to desire? Do you see in your own life some promise of such dispositions?

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