Explore your body in this week's IMAGINE Zoom meditation

In our next IMAGINE Zoom meditation we will be exploring our bodies as sources of wisdom. We will spend a little time noticing what happens when we pay attention to our embodied experience, and allow our imaginations to be part of that. These bodies of ours, and the bigger body of the world, are Sacred, and allies if we can only learn to listen to them. The session will involve some very small group sharing and listening, and a guided time of individual body practice.

Everyone is welcome to our weekly IMAGINE hour-long Zoom meditation sessions to explore the gift of our imaginations in the midst of these chaotic and uncertain times. Whether you are new to Ignatian meditation or a past master, our imaginations can be a helpful doorway into the Mystery at the heart of life and a way of tuning into the threads of creativity, life and hope that are constantly weaving something greater than we could possibly envisage just now.

IMAGINE is an opportunity to anchor into what is real and meaningful for you, to help you respond more fully, and lovingly, to the complex needs of these times for the good of the world. 

Inspired by meditative practices that engage with story, image, scripture, imagination, desire, affect, body and silence, our IMAGINE sessions will involve a variety of guided meditations with some opportunity for sharing.

Everyone is welcome – just bring your openness and curiosity, and of course your imagination!

Join our live Zoom session every Wednesday at 8pm


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