Spiritual unity in Southall

Jesuit novices, John Bosco Noronha and Thiranjala Weerasinghe, describe how they each found a way to accompany the parishioners of St Anselm’s, Southall over the course of their time there before and during lockdown.

A sense of home THE SIX experiments during the two-year period of Jesuit noviceship (one of which is the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola) each offer something unique. For our fifth experiment, John and I departed in late February for St Anselm’s, a Jesuit parish in Southall, London.

We did not know exactly what this experiment was to be about, but we were looking forward to experiencing St Anselm’s parish life. I belong to the Sri Lankan Province of the Jesuits, and this was my first experiment in a British parish, a vibrant, engaging, predominantly South Asian community. I had already been a Jesuit for nine years from 2003- 2012, moving on to work with a South Asian think tank in Colombo and then working with the Jesuits in northern Sri Lanka, supporting people affected by three decades of armed conflict and continuing hardships…

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