The future of Heythrop College

Heythrop College in Kensington Square, West London (Mazur/CCEW)

Heythrop College’s governing body met yesterday to discuss the future of the college.

This meeting was the culmination of detailed work over the past three years, as Governors, working in close collaboration with the Society of Jesus, and in consultation with HEFCE, have been researching ways in which Heythrop's mission and work might continue in today’s higher education environment.

At its meeting, the governing body concluded that the college in its current form, as a constituent college of the University of London, will come to an end in 2018, although its mission and work will not. 

Both the Governors and the Society of Jesus are committed to finding a way in which the mission and work of the college, including the ecclesiastical faculties, which are most important for the mission of the Catholic Church in this country, will continue in a new form.

Further detail is contained in the statement on the Heythrop College website.