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Across the Jesuit world preparations are continuing for the 36th General Congregation (GC36) – the ultimate authority in the Society of Jesus.  GC36 will commence on 2nd October in Rome.  From the British province those attending will be Fr Provincial Dermot Preston SJ, and the Elector Fr Damian Howard SJ. Fr Damian was elected to represent the British Jesuits by a special province congregation last year.  Also travelling with them is Br Stephen Power SJ who was elected to represent the Brothers of the European provinces.

The first task of the congregation will be to elect a new General, as Fr Adolfo Nicholas has asked to stand down.

Once this task has been accomplished the congregation will discuss future direction and priorities for the international Society. Following consultation at province and conference level two discussion themes have been identified
• The Call to a Renewal of Jesuit Life and Mission
• The Call for Renewed Governance for a Renewed Mission

Commissions are researching and preparing the agendas for these two themes.  Their hope is that GC36 can give an integrated vision of Jesuit life and mission and can propose governance structures to support and develop it.
A communications committee has been established and they invite all Jesuits, co-workers, supporters and fellow travellers to sign up for  the GC36 bulletin which will be issued regularly before and during the Congregation.  There is also a new website at GC36.org which will be fully operational from September.

Your prayers for the success of the Congregation are specially requested via an online oratory