Heythrop Library via Senate House

The Library of Heythrop College, built up during the College’s 400-year history, has important collections in Theology, Religious Studies, Canon Law, Patristics, Church History and Philosophy.

Following the closure of Heythrop College, until recently the specialist Theology and Philosophy college of the University of London, the collections will continue to be maintained and added to , and will remain accessible to researchers and students through an innovative arrangement with the Senate House Library of the University of London.

Information about the Senate House Library can be found here: https://www.senatehouselibrary.ac.uk/about-us

This new arrangement will commence on Monday, 22 October 2018.

The library collections, comprising over 200,000 volumes, are being housed in storage facilities used by the University of London. From 22 October, they can be accessed on request by members of the Senate House Library where they can either be used in the Library’s reading rooms or borrowed by those who have borrowing rights.

Details of membership of the Senate House Library and of borrowing rights can be found here: https://www.senatehouselibrary.ac.uk/membership

Details of how many books can be borrowed by members and for how long can be found on the Senate House Library website here:

From 22 October 2018, readers will be able to search the online catalogue and request items from the Heythrop Library collection. The materials will be brought from storage either the same day (if ordered before 11am) or the next day.

As part of this service, the Heythrop Library card catalogue of the pre-1900 collection has been digitally scanned and will be available to search or browse online. This will make the Heythrop Library collection more easily available than before to researchers. This catalogue will also be made available from 22 October 2018. From this date, anyone who is a member of Senate House Library will be able to access the Heythrop Library collection through the Senate House catalogue and request to borrow items from it.

The library continues to purchase books and journals to keep it up-to-date and to maintain it as a great resource for those engaged in philosophy and theology studies as well as members of the public engaged in personal development in these areas of study.

Further details will be published on this website by 5 October 2018. For further details, please contact the Head Librarian, Michael Morgan by email: mmorgan@jesuit.org.uk