Introducing Ecostream

Resources from EcoJesuit

Ecostream is an online ecology resource and reference system developed as part of Ecojesuit’s commitment to the Jesuit mission on Reconciliation with Creation and where ongoing initiatives and activities, programs and projects on ecology and sustainability of various Jesuit institutions and other communities around the world are shared.

Ecostream provides an organized reference system for articles and other content that are grouped into specific categories such as agriculture, campus sustainability, disaster preparedness, fossil fuel, water, youth education, and others. There are 32 categories organized so far.

The site also offers communications materials on ecology and sustainability from various Jesuits institutions. These materials include brochures, manuals, guides, books, and other publications that can be viewed and accessed online. There is also a link to the carbon footprint calculator from Nature Conservancy that estimates the annual volume of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions we generate based on the choices we make.

Through Ecostream, it is hoped that regular updates and information from Jesuit schools, universities, colleges, social apostolates and provinces on ecological lifestyle, practices, and ecological initiatives are more broadly communicated and accessed. And with this, more active links on ecology and sustainability are built amongst Jesuit institutions and partners, leading to sustained discussions and creative collaboration for more effective action and response.