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The Jesuit Institute provides inspiration, resources and training for the eleven Jesuit schools in Britain, to enable them to work together to promote and live out the vision and spirit of St Ignatius Loyola:  “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.”

When our schools were first established, Catholics found it hard to find a faith education for their children.  Fifty years ago a majority of British Jesuits would have been teaching in schools.  Now we have no Jesuits working full time in schools in Britain.  In 2016 our schools are entirely lay-managed and lay-led.   The Jesuit Institute serves the vital role of ensuring the charism of St Ignatius is embedded in school life through a programme of conferences and courses for school staff and leadership teams.

The Jesuit Institute also networks with the 3000+ Jesuit education institutions globally, and shares resources and good practice from around the world.

Dr Nicky Cuddihy has been the head teacher at Mount St Mary’s College, Spinkhill near Sheffield, for two years. MSM is looking towards its 175th anniversary as a school and the 400th anniversary of the Jesuit presence in Spinkhill during penal times. 

“We are naturally looking back at our heritage and foundations at this time”, he says, “as well as looking forward to strategic growth.  In this situation it is essential to be in touch with our founding principles, our identity and mission as an Ignatian and Jesuit school, and how that expresses itself in our planning and delivery of everything from curriculum, to sports, to pastoral and spiritual care.

The Jesuit Institute helps us to connect with these foundations, at many levels. As head teachers and deputy heads, chaplains, support staff, and all new teachers, we meet regularly together with Fr Adrian Porter (Director of the Institute), and he shares his wisdom from the global Jesuit education networks, and we share our experiences from Britain with each other.  It is an invaluable way to connect and remind ourselves of our shared charism and how this is best lived out in school life, through always reaching for the “Magis”, the best, and inspiring our students and families to a deeper encounter with Christ. 

A good example of this was a spontaneous assembly following the Paris attacks, where the students  dressed in solidarity and organised a lovely service which included singing the Marseillaise. We try in all things to express a faith which does justice.”

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