Jesuit Missions: November news round up

Sam Aidoo at St Johns Beaumont
Sam Aidoo at St Johns Beaumont

Companions programme

Last week Sam Aidoo, our Education Coordinator, visited two primary schools to give updates about their partner schools in Zimbabwe.  The Companions Programme  is a great way for children to learn about another country and understand their culture through receiving updates directly from the children and teachers in that school.

On Thursday 23rd Sam visited St Joseph’s in Hurst Green, Lancashire, who are partnered with St Joseph’s Chishawasha in Zimbabwe. Sam was able to give an update on the school from her visit there this September, using photos and videos, giving the children a personalised account of her visit. They very kindly presented us with a cheque for St Joseph’s of £330 which they had raised from cake sales in the school.

On Friday 24th, Sam visited St John’s Beaumont, Windsor where she had been invited to speak for their feast day celebration. St John’s are partnered with St Rupert’s in Zimbabwe.  Sam said: “The boys were very impressive and asked lots of good questions about their partner school and the current situation in Zimbabwe.”   They had also been learning about Mugabe’s rule and British colonialism during their tutor time. 

The day concluded with pupils writing Christmas cards to their partner school which will be sent off in time for Christmas.

Supporters' Evening

In October Jesuit Missions welcomed Fr Terry Charlton SJ and Chris O’Hare to Wimbledon to talk about their work in Nairobi, Kenya. Supporters and friends of Jesuit Missions gathered at Sacred Heart Church to hear about how St Ignatius school In Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, is changing the lives of young people.

Richard Greenwood (Assistant Director) said: “It was a very powerful account of life in one of the biggest slums in the world. Through education at St Ignatius school in Kibera, followed by enrolling high school graduates in the Mustard Seed programme, aimed at finding work, Fr Terry and Chris are helping to ensure that some of the children born into one of the world’s toughest places to live, are able to flourish."

Xavier Network – New Website launch

In early December the Xavier Network will launch its new website.

The Xavier Network is a combination of the Jesuit Mission Offices within the European provinces, Canada and Australia. Together we have a great wealth of experience of working for the service of faith and the promotion of justice and envisage a world full of human dignity and equality for all people as proclaimed by Jesus Christ. Our mission together as the Xavier Network is to bring this vision to a reality, especially focussing on the most marginalised communities in our world.

Paul Chitnis (Director of Jesuit Missions) went to Spain in September for the latest meeting of the Xavier Network. He said, “It was a very productive meeting as we continue to find new ways to work collaboratively with our European friends.”

Richard, Lauren, Stephanie and PippaNew Staff

We have seen a few new faces at Jesuit Missions in the last few months. Pippa Pickles is our new PA and Lauren Bridgeman has joined on a short-term contract to help over the Christmas period. Richard Slatford joined the team to help change accounting software. This week we had a new Communications Officer, Stephanie Beech, join the team at JM.  “I was really excited to join Jesuit Missions as it’s something I’m really passionate about, so I can’t wait to get stuck in!” she said.