Jesuits & Friends winter edition published

Jesuits & Friends cover issue 101 ordination photo

The winter edition of Jesuits and Friends magazine has been published and should be available to pick up for free from our schools, parishes and centres from this weekend.  Do look out for it!

In his editorial Fr Paul Nicholson SJ gives an overview of the highlights of this edition:

“In an age more given to military metaphors, the Jesuits were sometimes referred to as ‘the pope’s light cavalry’. This emphasised a quality dear to the heart of St Ignatius Loyola, who wanted the men of the religious order he founded to be ready to move at short notice to wherever it seemed that the greater glory of God might best be served. More than that, he placed these men at the disposal of the pope who, he felt, would have the most universal view of where the need was greatest.

Of course, with a fixed (or even declining) number of Jesuits, choices must be made, and responding to new needs will often mean having to withdraw from existing good work. Both these processes are documented in the present edition of Jesuits & Friends. Heythrop College has been a part of the University of London since 1970. But it can trace its history back far beyond that, to colleges established in continental Europe during the times of the persecution of English Catholics in the 17th century. With the closure of the college this summer, a chapter in the story of the British Province drew to a close. But its legacy will live on, as its final Principal, Clare Ozanne, explains.

A need undreamed of when Heythrop began was that of responding to climate change, and the threat that this poses to so many of the world’s poorest people. Pope Francis has made it clear that care for the environment is a key part of any contemporary Christian witness, and the Jesuits are taking a lead from his emphasis on ‘integral ecology’, expounded in the encyclical Laudato si’. The fact that Guyana, much of which is covered by the Amazonian rainforest, is part of the British Province, gives a particular focus to the witness that we are able to offer.

New works call for new workers, and the Province was blessed this summer with the ordination of two men to the priesthood. This was the first priestly ordination in Britain for a decade. You’ll be able to read about the two of them, Kensy Joseph and Philip Harrison, in these pages. Please keep them in your prayers as they begin their priestly ministry. Pray, too, that more men might join us to carry on these works. Perhaps you, or someone you know, might be one of those seeking ever-new avenues of God’s glory in a rapidly-changing world.”

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