Jesuits' global network for local challenges

Fr Pedro Walpole SJ
Fr Pedro Walpole SJ

Jesuit Networking has issued a video that summarises some of the insights of a meeting that took place in Loyola, last November, which shows how Jesuit organisations across the world are collaborating to defend the rights of the most vulnerable through 'Networking for Justice'. A document has also been published, which addresses issues such as education, mining and the environment, and explains how initiatives are a combination of global outreach and local initiatives.

The group that met in Loyola at 'Networking for Justice' wanted to share the principal lessons they had learnt, so that they might motivate other groups and organisations that want to continue this process and explore new ways of working together – what they call their “shared Mission in the future”.

Among those who took part in the Jesuit Networking meeting last November was Paul Chitnis, the Director of Jesuit Missions, who also reflects on the initiative in the forthcoming issue of Jesuits and Friends. “Many of the problems with which Jesuits are grappling today are global,” he says, “from climate change to migration, from the actions of mining companies to conflict. Our challenge is to find ever more effective ways of harnessing the skills, experience and resources which exist, in order to address the root causes of these problems.”

Complex global realities

The Society of Jesus is convinced that it has the necessary conditions for greater international collaboration. It is able to respond to global challenges by addressing them at regional and international levels and the meeting, document and video are expressions of the ongoing discernment about how to respond better to increasingly complex and interconnected global realities.

Pictured above is Fr Pedro Walpole SJ, Director of Research at the Institute of Environmental Science for Social Change, who also took part in the meeting in Loyola and who writes in the Spring 2016 issue of Jesuits and Friends about climate change, which – he says – is a challenge for all of us, not just governments and industrialists. To order your copy of Jesuits and Friends, contact Jesuit Missions.