JRS UK reveals new virtual gift cards

JRS has commissioned a series of new gift cards from a talented artist and a refugee friend accompanied by JRS. 


The cards - both physical and e-cards - are part of the JRS ‘Refugee Gifts’ campaign (https://www.jrsuk.net/refugeegifts/) that celebrates the positive impact they have on our lives and share our gifts with them. Each card represents a gift purchased that will support JRS’s work in the areas of refugee hardship, immigration detention and its legal service.


EE was delighted to contribute their creative work to Refugee Gifts: “I was really touched to be asked. I’ve been part of the JRS community for a number of years now.I enjoy drawing, painting and writing poems. I love the opportunity to create the artwork for this project as I have to make lots of art and share it with you to understand more about JRS. I hope you like my abstract art cards.”


EE’s artistic designs illustrate each of these areas, featuring people and animals, and exploring themes of nature, loving openness, hope, peace, family and friendships. 


Speaking about the artwork for the gift of volunteer phone calls accompanying those held in immigration detention, EE said: “The support and companionship from volunteers – both in person and over the phone – are a lifeline for so many people in detention. I couldn’t think of a better depiction of the beauty and gentleness of JRS volunteers than a butterfly. The gentle fluttering of their wings and the delicate and lightness of their touch is how I feel treated by JRS volunteers.”