Manchester students beat 'The Governess'

Students at Manchester Universities' Catholic Chaplaincy have raised more than £400 for charity by taking on one of TV's keenest brains. They were taking part in a quiz night against Anne Hegerty - known as 'The Governess' on the ITV show The Chase - and won.

As a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, Anne was familiar with the charitable initiatives of the students at the Jesuit-led chaplaincy and said she was delighted to accept their invitation to take part in the quiz to raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society. A former editor and a freelance journalist based in Manchester, she regularly appears in the TV quiz show in which her purpose - as 'the Chaser' - is to prevent contestants winning cash prizes. But she met her match at the Catholic Chaplaincy. After the initial rounds, the final team (pictured with her) faced 'The Governess' in a Chase-style format and won.

The funds raised will support the Chaplaincy's SVP initiatives, through which a group of committed students express their faith every week through charitable actions with the poor, elderly and destitute. They take part in a nightly soup run, including one among the Muslim community, a Breakfast Club on Moss Side where four in five children used to go hungry, and visits to an elderly people's nursing home. Their work among the homeless has been called "life saving" and a "gift from God" by many of the people they visit, based on the principle that it is important that they help the poor not through pity but out of respect.

Anne Hegerty was ranked at number 40 in the 2014 World Quizzing Championships - and second among women. After being beaten by the Manchester students, she presented them with a signed photo, which was auctioned to raise funds for the Central Manchester Foodbank - also operated by the Chaplaincy. She then answered questions about herself and her participation in the TV quiz.