Mount St Mary’s inaugurates Arrupe Colours Award

Dr Nicholas Cuddihy awarding Aidan Perry Ruds
Dr Nicholas Cuddihy awarding Aidan Perry Ruds

Mount St Mary’s College has inaugurated a new award: the Arrupe Colours Award. Named in honour of the great Jesuit Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, who coined the phrase ‘ Men and Women for Others’, this award will be given to any student who shows themselves to be a true ‘man or woman for others’ and who has demonstrated initiative in pursuit of this cause.

At assembly on 11th January, the school made the first Arrupe Colours Award to celebrate Aidan, a student in Rudiments, who has been working for many months with the Trussell Trust, supporting food banks throughout the country. At the end of last year Mount St Mary’s received a letter from the Trussell Trust, who run more than 400 foodbanks throughout the country, praising Aidan not only for his work in collecting funds and organising food collections, but also for starting his own campaign which he calls ‘Children for Others’.

“Perhaps the best thing about being a Headmaster is that you get to share your workplace and spend time with young people,” said Dr Nicholas Cuddihy, Mount St Mary’s Headmaster. “Teenagers, like all of us have their fair share of troubles and challenges. Just as you do as parents, teachers have to try to accompany and support the students on their sometimes challenging journey through adolescence.”

“Because we get to live and work so closely together we do get to know each other’s stories pretty well. It’s not all fun and games for sure but it is impossible not to be affected by their sense of fun, their positivity, their innovation and fearlessness, even when they are going through difficult times. Every day, without exaggeration I see something or hear about something that a student/students are doing that gives me cheer.”

Dr Cuddihy added that he has been particularly inspired and delighted over the last year or so by a number of students who have shown special initiative in their compassion for others. Students like Sam who organised the 2nd Techman Festival last September, Harvey and Josh who scaled Mount Snowden, and Evie who organised the food bank collection before Christmas.

“A lot of the best things about our students happen at home and may not be known to us at school,” he continued. “We know that many of our students do great things in their families and local communities. If you have news of a student of ours who is showing initiative in the service of others we would like to hear about it.”

This article first appeared on Mount St Mary’s website.

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