Muslim medics and students show solidarity

A group of 20 Muslim doctors and surgeons from the North West led by Dr Manzar Ul Haq have attended midday mass at Holy Name Church in Manchester. They were greeted by Senior Jesuit Chaplain, Fr Tim Byron SJ, and several hundred worshippers including many students from Manchester Universities. Before mass, the group stood outside holding placards which said 'Together we unite - mourning the loss of human life' and 'Violence - not in our name' - they were spontaneously joined by some of the Catholic students. 

Dr Ul Haq spoke at mass about the majority of the Muslim Community being opposed to senseless violence and the need to live in peace and harmony.  His address was greeted with a warm round of applause from the 400-strong congregation.Muslim medics with message of peace at Manchester Chaplaincy
After mass, Fr Tim and Dr Ul Haq stood together to greet people as they left, with many coming to warmly shake Dr Ul Haq's hand and to thank him for his message.  The group were welcomed in the Chaplaincy afterwards to share tea and mince pies. 
Dr Ul Haq said on behalf of the group that: "The group appreciated the help and support provided by the local priest  in welcoming them at such a sensitive time".