Nepal Jesuits' community building and construction update

Women's constitutional training group
Women's constitutional training group

Many people will remember the devastating earthquakes in Nepal two years ago which killed nearly 9000 people and left many more isolated and without basic amenities.

Jesuit Missions launched an appeal which was generously supported by many friends of the Jesuits in Britain, and funds were sent to the Nepalese Jesuits who were working directly with many of those affected.

The Nepal Jesuit Social Institute (NJSI) has sent an update for its supporters on the many relief and rebuilding projects in which it is engaged.

Women’s projects

NJSI has embarked on a programme of capacity building for women and girls, who tend to be those left to cope with the on-the-ground situation while men are in the cities looking for work.  NSJI has provided women’s rights awareness programmes for over 90 women, explaining their personal and constitutional rights, which many were ignorant of. 

Tailoring trainingOver thirty women and girls from earthquake affected areas have been given a six month training course in tailoring skills as well as sewing machines.  In the remote Suri district this programme has been enabled by NJSI building a new women’s social centre – the first brick building ever constructed in this area.  Local women helped with the construction, and the tailoring classes can now take place in the new hall.

School construction

Gotbanjyang School (about 25 km from the capital Kathmandu) has been repaired and the building handed over on 25th April.  The handover ceremony included a memorial service for the victims of the earthquake. 

At Bhanodaya school, Siddhipur, the authorities asked NJSI to re build their damaged compound wall to protect the primary school children from intruders. NJSI has completed the construction of the compound wall in collaboration with the volunteers from Teach Nepal. NJSI was officially thanked by the parents and the school authority in a function held on 1st April 2017.

Gotbanjyang School just after the earthquake and nowNJSI has been involved in rebuilding eleven schools in Gorkha. After having completed most of the structures now they are building the toilets for six schools that require basic sanitation and wash facilities in Saurpani.

Special schools and children with disabilities

Bhagavati Special School (for children with special needs) in Kavre Dstrict was badly damaged. NJSI is building a new activity centre for the school, and has given medical support for nineteen children who were affected by the earthquake.  Three other special schools – at Chandeshowri, Bhairavi and Bageshowri -  have been helped with new accommodation to replace that damaged or destroyed.  These projects are nearing completion.