New edition of Jesuits and Friends and a new Editor

The 89th edition of Jesuits and Friends has been published so if you are on our mailing list you should be receiving it very soon, or it is already with you. You can also pick up the latest edition in Jesuit parishes and spirituality centres. If you would rather read it online we publish each edition to our website and the latest edition can be read online now: Jesuits and Friends Winter 2014 edition Popes prayer for victims of ebola

Jesuits and Friends also has a new editor, Paul Nicholson SJ, who writes on what's inside this issue in his Editor's letter..

One of the images used in the New Testament to present Jesus is that of the healer. As I write, the Ebola infection is continuing to spread in a way that public health authorities are finding hard to deal with. Work is being done to produce treatments and vaccines, but these are so far having little effect on checking the spread of the disease. The African Jesuit AIDS Network was set up to respond to a previous epidemic, and in this issue we discover how the lessons learned at that time can help shape current responses.
Even when sickness cannot be cured, healing may still be hoped for. The hospice movement has shown that it is often possible to help those who are terminally ill to enjoy a good quality of life during their final months, weeks and days. For more than a century, St Joseph’s Hospice in London has pioneered this kind of work and its current Jesuit chaplain, writing here, is proud to be part of that tradition.
Astute readers will have noticed that the picture accompanying this editorial has changed. I have taken over as editor from Fr Dushan Croos, and would like to thank him for his work on the magazine. You will find a reflection on my own work here in the article that describes attempts to build up community in a rapidly-changing area of London.
These are just three of the projects the Jesuits are involved in, depicted in these pages. None of them can happen without the support of people like yourselves. St Ignatius was very clear that the work of the Society of Jesus is rooted in gratitude: gratitude to God for the chance to carry out his mission, and gratitude to those whose support makes it possible. So, as ever, a sincere thank you to each of you who read these words.

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