Soul Sanctuary gospel choir presents: The Resurrection

Soul Sanctuary gospel choir
Soul Sanctuary gospel choir

On Easter Monday (April 2nd) Soul Sanctuary gospel choir will be performing their Easter oratorio ‘The Resurrection’.

They are thrilled that Tracey Jane Campbell will be joining them and singing the part of Jesus. Christian music has a gap where the Resurrection is concerned: there are very few great musical celebrations of it, compared to those of the Incarnation and Passion.

Thus their commission five years ago to their own ex-alto, Ellen Havard, just before she left for the National Theatre, to write a script to weave together eighteen gospel songs, which all together would tell the Resurrection story in all its shocking glory.

This should be an electrifying evening and a beautiful and joy-filled celebration to end the three days of Easter.

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Monday, April 2, 2018 - 19:00
Jazz Café
5 Parkway
United Kingdom