One of the busiest bins in London

Knife bin at St Ignatius in Stamford Hill
Knife bin at St Ignatius in Stamford Hill

An initiative put in place ten years ago outside the parish of St Ignatius in Stamford Hill is still sadly bearing fruit. A knife bin where weapons can be anonymously and safely discarded was recently emptied with over 400 weapons collected by the charity 
Word 4 Weapons.

The bin is emptied twice a year and last year in total 841 weapons were collected including 10 guns, making it one of the busiest such bins in London.

The bin was put in place after two young people from the parish, Godwin Lawson and Marcin were stabbed and killed in 2010.  Fr Tim Byron SJ was then the chaplain of St Ignatius college and officiated at Godwin's funeral. The college then organised a meeting at the parish called, 'It takes a village to raise a child". The concerned mothers who attended discussed possible solutions.

Following a parish AGM the then parish priest, Fr Peter Randall SJ  approached a Christian charity called  'Word 4 weapons', who specialized in placing knife bins around London. Fr Peter was told that 'yours is a good location and there are no cameras on it."

London has recently seen a spike in such crimes again, and last week the Parish held a well-attended prayer service for those affected.  Fr David Stewart who organised it used quotes from Martin Luther King whose anniversary had just passed and also Archbishop Oscar Romero whose forthcoming canonisation has just been announced.

It is hoped that St Ignatius will become a shrine for Archbishop Romero.