What is MAGIS@home?

We have a wonderful house in Brixton which provides the perfect community setting for working Catholics aged 22-35 who want to explore and live their faith more fully in the heart of London.

What is the programme?

With support from our team of Jesuits and lay staff, you will learn about Ignatian prayer, connect with young Catholics through other Jesuit YAM spiritual and social events, hear talks from interesting speakers and activists, and engage with your faith in all its richness and beauty. You will also find opportunities for service in the local area, and benefit from one-to-one guidance from trained Ignatian spiritual directors. Residents are offered an individually guided retreat at St Beuno’s, the beautiful Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales to help them reflect on their experience towards the end of the programme.

Íñigo House

This house is for those new to living in community. Members of this house may be completely new to London (we welcome applications from all over the UK). As well as the programme outlined above, you will find opportunities for service in the local area, and benefit from one-to-one guidance from trained Ignatian Spiritual Directors.

Arrupe House

This is the name given to our young adult house in Brixton. In 2023-2024, it will have six young adults living in community, three of whom have already spent a year or so as part of MAGIS@Home and three others who have joined the programme in September 2023.

Young Catholics (men and women, 22-35) who are:

- Seeking to explore and deepen their faith within their daily life.

- Able to build and live in an outward-looking and dynamic community.

- Passionate about social and ecological justice, and want to take action.

- Generous in offering time to others in community and in the local neighbourhood.

- Willing to be ambassadors of the work of Jesuit Young Adult Ministries.

Sunday 7pm, Farm Street Church

Every Sunday evening a Mass for young adults (18-35 yr olds) is celebrated at 7pm in Farm Jesuit Church in Central London, emphasising an aspect of Ignatian spirituality to deepen our experience of different parts of the Mass. It is followed by a social either in a local pub or the Parish Hall. (During the COVID lockdown the Mass was substituted by an online Liturgy of the word).

Our young adult Masses are usually celebrated by different Jesuit priests including the parish team of Farm Street Church.

Wednesday evenings, Farm Street Church

Based at Farm Street Church, a small group of young adults use the art and architecture of this famous Jesuit Church to help visitors appreciate the meaning of what they see. Our group is part of a larger international communion, based on prayer, community life, theological and art-historical formation, and gratuity. These weekly meetings take place on Wednesday evenings.

Thursday 9pm, online

Rosary Group for young adults online every Thursday 9pm.

Brixton, residential formation programme

A residential programme for young Catholics (22-35), to experience shared Christian life alongside their work or studies. We invite applications from people who would like to commit to this programme for one year, ordinarily, starting in September. This includes weekly community meetings, a monthly day of reflection with other young adults, three weekends in the year and a weeklong retreat or MAGIS event.

Clapham, informal gathering

An informal gathering of 18-35 yr olds on the first Saturday of each month in the Clapham Jesuit Community (or online), exploring the interaction of faith and engagement with the world, such as integral ecology and other aspects of Catholic Social Teaching (CST).

Finding God in your daily life

CLC is for those who want to understand more deeply how God is at work in their everyday lives. Groups meet fortnightly to pray and share, supporting one another through the ups and downs of ordinary life. In listening to one another members of the group grow to understand themselves, deepen their relationship with God and discover more clearly how each one of them is uniquely called to respond to God's love.

Ignatian individually guided retreats for young adults, both residential and online

Unplugged retreats

A low-cost weekend retreat in London for young adults offering a chance to unplug from the busyness of daily life, and from our devices, to create a space and a silence in which to hear God’s call more clearly. It is led and individually accompanied by a member of the Jesuit YAM team.

Plugged in online retreats

A week-long online retreat in daily life for young adults, requiring a commitment to 30 min daily personal prayer and a 30 min daily online meeting with a spiritual director, three optional online prayer workshops. Plugged In retreats are offered at different moments during the year.

Young adult retreats at St Beuno’s

Occasional weekend or longer residential retreats at St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales [link to page of their website] (bursaries available).

Navigating your life with God

A workshop on discernment from our Jesuit Young Adult Ministries team, over four weekends over half a year, with exercises and reflection to be completed during and between weekends.

MAGIS Europe International summer camps offer Ignatian opportunities to find God in all things through experience, reflection, community, service and prayer in partnership with European Jesuits.

Monthly meetings to discuss a book which is chosen to reflect an aspect of contemporary life.