Pancake Economics - meet those going to ‘The Economy of Francesco’

What is The Economy of Francesco?

It is an international meeting of young Catholic scholars and activists who will meet in Assisi next month to discuss a new economic model for the world, one which has social justice and the environment at its heart.

The title of the event refers to Saint Francis of Assisi who cared deeply for the natural world, but also Pope Francis. In his papal encyclicals, particularly Laudato Si’, the Holy Father has lamented the pathological state of the global economy and the toll it is taking on the environment, as well as humanity itself.

The Conference of Francesco is all about giving young people the chance to air their concerns (so often overlooked) and to come up with some fresh thinking. In his invitation to the event published last May, Francis said:

"I thought especially of inviting you young people, because your desire for a better and happier future makes you even now a prophetic sign, pointing towards an economy attentive to the person and to the environment."

Members of Jesuit Young Adult Ministries will be going to The Economy of Francesco and we want to give you the opportunity to meet them. On Shrove Tuesday (February 25th) between 7 – 9pm, they will be at 114 Mount Street for an evening of pancakes, integral ecology and sustainable economics. Come along and share your ideas!