Pandemic Pizza support for London homeless goes global

Argentinian newspaper includes pics of Pandemic Pizza in its coronavirus coverage

Some of you may have seen our “Pandemic Pizza” story here. Volunteers from Farm Street Church and other London Catholic Churches teamed up with Pandemic Pizza to provide homemade pizza, refreshments, fresh fruit and shower referrals to homeless people in London’s Trafalgar Square. The new, innovative partnership, set up a stand beside the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, and is supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable people during the pandemic. 

It is worth noting that Pandemic Pizza was conceived by three teens, Alfie Fletcher, 19, her sister Amber Fletcher, 17, and her friend Alegra Ragione, 19, who decided to offer free homemade Neapolitan pizza to London’s homeless population. What an amazing idea this was.

Photos of this amazing initiative have made it into an article titled “The photos of the pandemic around the world” which appeared in Argentinian sports newspaper Ole (described as one of the most important sports publications in Argentina). The header for the article says “We show the best images of the historical moment that the planet is experiencing due to the Coronavirus”. You can view the article here.