Phone a Jesuit - help in troubled times

During this difficult time, if you feel you need to speak to a Jesuit, either because you are experiencing symptoms or finding the lockdown particularly challenging, please contact me, Deirdre, at or Isobel from 11am to 12:30pm weekdays on 07960 801381 and we will facilitate this conversation for you. 

Conversations can take place on the telephone or via Zoom - whichever works best for you. 

This new service is a small response that has made a big difference to some people during the pandemic. Already we have had been able to provide spiritual conversation to people from as far afield as Japan, South Africa, India and the US - as well as around Europe and of course here in Britain. Some people have been struggling with the isolation or ruminating on thoughts of mortality, others have been feeling depressed or facing the challenges of being front-line workers. 

It is not difficult to start a spiritual conversation. Spiritual conversation involves both talking and listening, and at the heart of spiritual conversation is the desire to understand how God is at work in daily life. This time of lock down and uncertainty may well be a stimulus for people to seek God in a new way or share with Him what thoughts and feelings are around.

We all have a yearning to be met and understood and at the moment there is a particular need to connect with those around us, to get a sense of how to live in and through this present time and to learn and appreciate what really matters. Spiritual conversation is one way of making this connection.

Mental Health Awareness Week is asking us to think about those acts of kindness we can make to others and to ourselves. I’d be the first person to acknowledge that kindness can help to create lasting change, but also that it can help reduce stress and improve emotional wellbeing for all of us - whether we are giving or receiving the support.