Pope Francis Award for young disciples

The winner of the first Pope Francis Award to honour the achievements of those young people who make our communities and our world a better place will be announced at a ceremony in London's Leicester Square on 1 July 2015. Nominated by anyone from friends and family to teachers and clergy, the winners are drawn from throughout England and Wales and reflect achievements in every area of social action. The final day for nominations for this and the other Young People Awards is tomorrow (Friday 1 May).

The Pope Francis Award is one of the highlights of the CELEBRATING YOUNG PEOPLE AWARDS, which are an initiative of Million Minutes. "Young people all too often get a bad name," says co-founder Danny Curtin. "But they are amazing. Million Minutes is all about giving a voice to the young people that get overlooked - we’re delighted to launch these awards to celebrate all that young people are and all that they give to our world."

Young People Awards 2015


The Award in honour of Pope Francis is being offered in association with the International Young Leaders’ Network. The recipient will be accompanied on a personally tailored study tour to South America to walk in the footsteps of Pope Francis. The visit will take in the Iguazu Falls (as seen in the film The Mission) on the Argentina/Brazil Border and will include a visit to the great Jesuit Mission stations nearby. If the recipient is under 16 years of age, they will undertake a European equivalent.

Cardinal Nichols will be presenting the Pope Francis Award; he describes the awards as an excellent initiative, which are "a celebration of the valuable contribution young people make to our world". He says he hopes they will "inspire many more young people to put their faith into practice as missionary disciples – which is exactly what Pope Francis encourages them to be. I am particularly looking forward, then, to presenting the inaugural Pope Francis Award on 1 July."

Other awards on 1 July will be made to young people in honour of St Josephine Bakhita, Jimmy Mizen, Cardinal Basil Hume, Joseph Cardijn, Barbara Ward and Dorothy Day. Please note that attendance at the Awards Ceremony is by invitation only.