Pray As You Stay

Stay close to God as you stay where you are

Staff working at the Jesuit Curia in London have been told to work from home in compliance with the latest government advice. This includes Emma Holland, Producer of Pray As You Go.

Emma has been able to set up a makeshift studio in her apartment and will do her best to keep prayer content rolling.

Emma has launched a new series called Pray As You Stay which offers listeners support and consolation during this this time of self-isolation, uncertainty and fear.

To listen to prayer series and retreats, click here.

Emma says:

“We find ourselves in new and unknown territory that is bringing confusion and chaos to our whole global family. We hope this new prayer guide will help you stay close to God as you stay where you are.

“We hope it will uplift you, give you some ideas for creative prayer, and provide some reflection with scripture, all underpinned by the Ignatian practice of finding ‘God in all things’, wherever you are.

“Above all, we hope that this series will bring you peace and consolation, helping you to know that the Lord is very close. 

“We begin with these first seven sessions and hope to provide more as time goes on.”