Preston cook joins Nepal relief effort

One of the lay staff from the Jesuit presbytery in Preston is helping to distribute aid in Nepal following last month's earthquake. Hari Krishnakarki, one of the weekend cooks at St Wilfrid's Church, was visiting family when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck on 25 April. Nothing was heard from him for several days until he was located at the BibekShil Youth project in Bhaktapur, where he was helping the relief efforts.

"We distributed rice, salt, oil, dal [pulses], noodles, biscuits and Dalmot [a savoury dry snack, made from fried lentils, nuts, spices, and oil] to the earthquake victims," wrote Hari who is from Bhaktapur and whose wife is from Kathmandu. "[The] earthquake changed everybody's life here. The situation is worst in rural areas where survivors are hungry and thirsty, having no food and water. Hope it will be over soon. Life is not as normal as it was in Britain ..." 

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The Bibekshil Youth Nepal is a non-profit social organisation dedicated to building a clean, green and wealthy Nepal. It is currently focusing on problems of society which are overlooked by the government. It is being supported by the Nepalese Students at the University of Central Lancashire and several local businesses.

Throughout Nepal, the Jesuit teams of priests, students, alumni and other volunteers are continuing to distribute food and shelter for the thousands affected by the earthquake. One of their current priorities is health care: medical teams have been able to treat people's injuries caused by the quake, as well as infections and other associated conditions. 

If you wish to support the Jesuits' relief work in Nepal, please make a donation to the Jesuit Missions Nepal Appeal.
Photos: Hari Krishnakarki (above on the truck and right behind the Bibekshil Youth project banner).