Our Aid for Syria Project has been set up here at Farm Street to raise funds to be divided between the Jesuit Refugee Service and Aid to the Church in Need for use in their respective work with refugees both in and from Syria. 

Fundraising, however, is only one part of a three-pronged campaign, involving awareness raising and prayer.  If you can please do visit us in person and spend somev time at our Syria Shrine at the Seven Dolours Altar near the Mount Street Gardens Entrance to the church. 

At the Shrine we invite you to pray for 2 of our Jesuit brothers: for the release of kidnapped Fr Paolo dall’Oglio and for Fr Francis van der Lugt who was so brutally and needlessly murdered by an unknown gunman on April 7th.  At the Shrine we also post regular updates on the Syrian conflict and on JRS and ACN’s work there and in neighbouring countries in the Middle East receiving Syrian refugees.  You will find information too on our shrine noticeboard about the history of the crisis and some analysis of the current situation from the media.

Following our successful Vigil on the night after Fr Francis’ murder, our appeal for funds is to be focussed around 2 forthcoming events, with more to come in the autumn. 

  • On July 2nd at 6:30pm in the Parish Hall Andrea Lari, International Development Officer for JRS, will give a presentation on JRS’ work in Syria and answer questions on the situation there.  A collection will be taken for the work of JRS. 
  • On July 11th 4 pilgrims from Farm Street Parish will set off on the Camino Ignaciano, the traditional walking pilgrimage tracing the steps of St Ignatius of Loyola. 

Map, links to Camino Ignaciano website, photos here

Please do consider helping us.  The humanitarian situation in Syria is dire:

  • More than 100,000 people are estimated to have been killed since the unrest began more than two years ago. 
  • The UN has estimated that nearly three-quarters of Syria's 22.4 million population will need humanitarian aid in 2014. 
  • About half of Syria’s population are reported to be in, largely, very makeshift refugee camps in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, on account of the fighting. 
  • 6.5 million are displaced around Syria itself.  The UN reports that bread prices have risen by 500% in some areas.   Four out of five Syrians said their greatest worry was that food would run out. 
  • In total, the UN is asking for almost $13bn to fund its humanitarian operations next year. Some $2.3bn are destined for civilians inside Syria, while $4.2bn would go to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries.

Both Aid to the Church in Need and the Jesuit Refugee Service work on the ground in Syria, trying to ensure that aid goes to those most in need and working for peace between factions in Syria. 

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